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Meet Aaron

My name is Aaron Gillum.  Florence is my hometown.  Like many of you, I was a kid at the Florence Mall, climbing the stone animals in the courtyard as if we were on a safari.  We rollerbladed from our friend's houses to Jimmie's or the Fundome for weekend skates.  We amassed pockets full of quarters to play games at Tilt, cruised the Dream Street loop on Fridays when we got a bit older, and bought movie tickets on the steps of the Florence Cinemas. 

My wife Louann and I have been married for 15 years.  Blessed with two boys, who are now 11 and 8, and our faithful hound dog, Florence is our home. 

Living in Florence was our choice.  Seeking a place for our young growing family to have a bit more room to stretch out, another blessing is that we could have picked literally anywhere to move, but found everything we were looking for in Florence, and found it at a cost of living that was comfortable. 

Neighbors have become friends. 

The neighborhood is a safe place for our children to play with others. 

We're close enough to the amenities we frequent, close to any road to anywhere we may wish to travel, but far enough off the main path that it's a quiet, comfortable, space that we're glad to call home.

My children are the fourth generation of my family to call Florence home.  As many things as have changed in my four and a half decades, it remains a place of family, of caring people, and of opportunity.

Preserving these things about our community is very personal to me, as is the responsibility to see our community navigate new challenges successfully. 

Online outlets have changed how we shop. 

Delivery services have changed how we eat. 

Communication technologies have changed how we communicate and how we commute (or don't commute) to work. 

Traffic from warehouse development, from construction and from growth of the adjoining communities who depend on Florence for road and amenity access, is a very real challenge, that in speaking with others, I believe we all see first hand every day. 

We will need creative solutions to keep Florence moving forward.  Council must always be a thoroughly informed group of people willing to listen to the ideas and input of the community they serve.  They must be willing to both work with the mayor, and challenge the mayor if ideas presented don't align with the voice of the community.  I believe the role of a council person is to ensure the good ideas are heard, and as a community that we move them forward.

I have personally attended every council meeting this year since filing.  I have attended every caucus, business meeting, and joined the department heads, Mayor, and council for the 2022 budget retreat. No other candidate (other than those currently seated) has been in attendance for either.

My duty as a husband and a father is to make sure the needs of my wife and family are always my first priority. 

I view serving as your councilman, in the same light; the office is a commitment to our community, that we always put the needs of our Florence families first.

Not a responsibility I take lightly; it would be an honor to earn your trust to serve as your voice in the city.



Aaron Gillum
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