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We are blessed to live in an amazing country, a beautiful state, one of the finest counties in our Commonwealth, and one of the friendliest cities in our nation.

Florence didn't happen by accident.  With nearly two centuries of history (that we've written of) beneath us, we evolved from a stop along the turnpike for a traveler into a thriving community of commerce and industry.

Industrial Road was a vision, that leadership brought to fruition.  Took risks to make it happen.  The infrastructure was designed with purpose, and built, and it brought growth and opportunity. 

Mall Road was a vision, to seize our proximity to the interstate as a tool to become a retail and commercial center for the region.  It took risks to see it through.  There were stumbles. (That tower did say Mall at first, right?) 

The roadways that connect our communities, the parks where our children play, the amenities that we enjoy, the rules that work to ensure quality of investments and developments; all those things happen locally.  So too do the laws, rules, and taxes that organize, fund, and regulate them.

I have personally attended every council meeting since filing this year.  This includes the budget retreat.  No other new candidates attended the budget retreat, nor are they attending meetings.

The budget alone is 110 pages.  It takes a lot of effort to plan for ~250 workers, their equipment and facilities, and manage a city of nearly 40,000 people.

Our mayor and council have more direct impact on the places we live every day, than any other layer of government. 

I am respectfully seeking your support to take on the challenge of making sound, data based decisions for Florence, and listening to the voices of the community. 

I do not believe one can do this effectively without humbling oneself and asking questions; making the time to learn.


Aaron Gillum 2023 Florence Budget

Aaron Gillum
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