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There are multiple layers of governance (who should all be working for us, right?) that come into play when you talk about the roadways in and around Florence.

1. The city.  Your neighborhood streets.  Connector streets between the main roads.  These are the roadways that are maintained by the city.

2.  The state.  US 42.  KY 18.  25.  237.  536.  Where in places we may call these Pleasant Valley, or Gunpowder, Burlington Pike - these are state roadways.  They're overseen by the state government, and locally administered by KYTC District 6, along with other Northern Kentucky state roadways.

Collaboration between the two is imperative, and it's my observation that this is a good line of communication currently.

On the horizon, there is a project to put "smart traffic lights" down the US42 corridor, starting with the Mall Road intersection.  These are camera controlled traffic lights, that can be manually monitored and switched by an operator, and used with logic that switches lights based upon demand vs a timing system that is currently in use.

Aaron Gillum
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