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Taxes and Expenses

In the 2022 budget, we are carrying over the cost of building a 4th Fire/EMS station on Dream Street, to better serve the city center.  This is a cost of $7,500,000 in the budget.

The improvements on the Y'alls stadium are listed for $6,500,000, the bulk of which being for a new clubhouse facility, enabling the city to use the current property for additional purposes or a potential buyer/tenant.

The fire department is replacing a 17 year old aerial fire truck, for $1,500,000.  There's currently a 24 month lead time on building and delivering, meaning the truck will be 19 years old when replaced.

The police department is on an $11.7M budget for the year.

The fire department is operating on a $12M budget for the year.

Public services costs another $11M for the year.

The city administration and facilities cost $3.7M for the year.

There are several other line items in projects, improvements and enhancements.

The city projects that $48.8M in revenues will be collected to cover these costs. It sounds like a lot until you look at the overhead line by line.

When we speak about our Aquatic Center or the World of Golf, or any other city facility requiring several hundred thousand dollars from the general fund to sustain operation, changing direction with those properties is  something worth examining, particularly if the facilities are due for substantial maintenance or upgrade.  Everything the city invests in, in my opinion, should be sustainable.  It's wonderful that the city has the means to present such facilities, but it comes at the cost of those working and owning property in the city, and it's important to make fiscally sound decisions, consistently, when working through the operating costs. 

The people paying the bills have a voice, and I would be honored to ensure it is heard.


Aaron Gillum
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